Improving Our Systems

For OUC, reliability doesn’t just mean keeping the power on. We’re also constantly improving our technology and services.  We’ve improved our outage management system on to allow you to monitor the status of outages in your area. Recently installed smart grid technology allows customers to monitor their electric and water usage online via the Usage Dashboard and made way for OUC Power Pass, a prepaid program that allows you to pay-as-you-go for utility services.

And reliability also means a commitment to weaving sustainability through everything we do. From Central Florida’s first Community Solar Farm and more than 140 Electric Vehicle charging stations around town to high-visibility solar sculptures and H2OUC hydration stations throughout the city at parks and community centers, we’re moving full speed ahead driven by the goal of making Orlando the “Greenest City in the Southeast.”

And we’re not stopping there. Reliable energy and water services are the backbone of our company, but to us, reliability means so much more. We’re committed to always exploring emerging technologies to provide ease to our customers and to remain environmentally conscious in an attempt to ensure Central Florida’s reputation as a great place to live and work for generations to come.

OUC Testing Smart Grid Technology to Reduce Momentary Power Outages

February 2018
With more electronic and digital devices than ever in homes and businesses, any interruption in the power supply can cause frustration. Clocks and security systems have to be reset, and computers must be rebooted. OUC is testing new technology designed to minimize these interruptions or faults (known as momentary outages or half-second blinks), often caused by lightning, trees or animals getting into overhead infrastructure.

tripsaverThe TripSaver II device works by clearing faults on lateral or neighborhood lines when a problem occurs and avoids the need to “blink” or disturb the main feeder and other lateral lines. If a fault is temporary, the device restores power in seconds. If it is permanent, as in the case of a tree falling on a line, the TripSaver coordinates with other protective devices to isolate the fault, limiting the number of customers affected.

An area in St. Cloud, which includes about 2,100 customers, was chosen as a pilot site for the project.