Marketing, Communications & Community Engagement & New Products

Marketing, Communications & Community Engagement & New Products professionals promote OUC, serving as our voice in the community and as the organization’s newsroom. These jobs require strong verbal and written communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and a high level of drive and creativity. You must be able to work independently and as part of team, manage multiple priorities effectively, and adapt to changes quickly, while meeting strict deadlines.


Engineering is responsible for designing efficient electric and water systems and ensuring their compliance with economical, safe and reliable practices. OUC employees in these jobs coordinate a large variety of activities and must be able to establish and maintain effective working relationships. You will need computer skills including experience with spreadsheets, word processing, drawing programs and other engineering or project management tracking software.


The Environmental area is responsible for ensuring all OUC power generation, water production and distribution facilities and operations comply with all federal, state and local environmental regulations, including air and water quality standards. Candidates for these positions must demonstrate strong interpersonal and communications skills, both oral and written. You must be a self-motivated individual with the demonstrated ability to interpret and apply governmental regulations and company policies and guidelines.

Finance & Accounting

Finance and Accounting seeks to provide accurate and timely information critical to OUC’s success. The area is responsible for providing historical and projected information, maintaining appropriate internal controls and processes and issuing the funding needed for operations and capital projects of the organization. Working in this area requires strong computer and math skills, along with excellent analytical ability to assist in problem solving and decision making related to customer and financial data. You must pay close attention to detail and have good organizational and time management skills.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is the merging of cartography, statistical analysis and database technology that lets us visualize, question, analyze, interpret and understand data to reveal relationships, patterns and trends. Candidates must be able to read and interpret engineering plans and maps. You must have familiarity using computers for electric engineering and water distribution practices and have the ability to use GIS and AutoCad software. This work requires attention to detail and accuracy.

Human Resources

Human Resources provides assistance to employees on employment, compensation, benefits and training issues. Ideal candidates must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, along with the ability to work with highly confidential and sensitive information. These jobs require strong computer skills and the ability to use and create Excel reports. You must also be able to work concurrently on multiple projects and with employees at all levels of the organization. It’s also important that you are able to work with employees who may be facing difficult personal and professional situations.

Information Technology & Telecommunications

Information Technology & Telecommunications designs, develops and otherwise supports computer based services. Job functions in this area include assisting with and supporting software applications for development, implementation and programming. Candidates must have a commitment to continuous improvement, an understanding of customer needs through analytics and the ability to work through complex processes.


The Purchasing area is responsible for procuring, in a timely, fair and cost effective manner, the materials, equipment and services OUC needs to provide the highest level of electric and water services to customers. Ideal candidates have the knowledge and skills to purchase materials, equipment and services, control construction and repair inventory, and issue supplies.

Support Staff

The Support Staff provides administrative assistance to division directors, managers and staff personnel. These positions require self-sufficient, self-motivated, organized individuals who can cope with managing multiple tasks and priorities. Employees in this area must analyze information, assign projects and perform other duties that require thoroughness and accuracy.

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