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Customer Brochures

Customer Brochures

As a municipally-owned utility, OUC works hard to ensure that our publications and other public information are available in a variety of formats.

Storm Preparedness & Safety

  • Tropical Weather Guide
    Provides helpful tips for you and your home before, during and after the storm.
    Orlando  | St. Cloud 

Customer Service

  • Outage Alerts
    Receive outage information regarding electric and water services via phone, email or text.

  • Medical Alert
    Provides special consideration for customers with medical needs.

  • Project CARE
    Provides emergency relief for temporary financial hardships.

  • AutoPay
    Lets you pay your utility bill without having to write a check or wait in line.

Commercial Service

  • Commercial Services
    Includes information on OUCooling, OUConvenient Lighting, the Commercial Indoor Lighting Program and more.

Conservation & Renewables

  • Home and Apartment Energy Guide
    Identifies the household appliances that have a bigger appetite for energy than others.
    English | Spanish

  • Rebate Programs
    Helps reduce the costs associated with making your home more energy efficient.

  • Community Solar Farms
    Access to sustainable, maintenance-free solar energy is now available to OUC customers.

  • Water Conservation Guide
    Shows you how to save water and lower your monthly utility bill.
    English | Spanish 

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