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OUC Power Pass

A Prepay Program

No late fees  No deposits  No reconnect fees 
Monitor & lower your daily usage

Your Money

YOUR Money

No more waiting for a monthly bill and making a single monthly payment. Pay when you want, how you want, in the amount you want.

Your Usage

YOUR Usage

Monitor usage through the OUC Power Pass portal. Check your daily consumption and receive alerts via text, email and/or phone.

Your Plan


You have the flexibility to make daily, weekly, or biweekly payments on electric bills rather than make one large payment each month. It’s up to you.

What is OUC Power Pass?

OUC Power Pass is a prepaid program that allows you to pay-as-you-go for utility services. Instead of getting a bill, you can check your electric usage every day. OUC Power Pass customers never pay a deposit or incur late fees.

Existing OUC Customers
To get started, call 407-423-9018 and once your account has been verified with your street address number, say “Power Pass” after the Main Menu to learn more about or apply for OUC Power Pass.  

New OUC Customers
To get started, call 407-423-9018 and when asked for your phone number, say "agent." Once connected, say “Power Pass” after the Main Menu to learn more about or apply for OUC Power Pass.

Is OUC Power Pass a good option for me? Do you...

  • Want to avoid deposits and late fees?

  • Want to control and monitor your electric use?

  • Not want a monthly bill?

  • Want to avoid any high-bill surprises?

  • Have roommates and need to split utility costs?

  • Travel often and don’t consume electric regularly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, OUC Power Pass is a good option for you!

Cost & Fees

OUC Power Pass is an optional program. New or existing customers may sign-up to participate in the program.

New Customers

An initial $25 service charge as well as a $50.00 minimum credit balance is required to create and activate the OUC Power Pass account. (Total $75)

Existing Traditional Customers

A minimum of $50.00 credit balance is required to activate the OUC Power Pass account. When converted, all deposits will be applied toward any outstanding balance. (Total $50)

Any additional outstanding balances due, may have a portion placed in Debt Recovery, and 30% of all funds added after set-up of account will be applied to slowly pay off this outstanding balance.

Stay in Control With Information & Alerts

Your OUC Power Pass account will be set-up with three (3) basic Alerts. Low Balance; Pending Disconnect; and Disconnect. These alerts will be delivered by email, text or phone, based on your preference. Once enrolled in the OUC Power Pass program, customers at any time can check any status of their account by:

  • logging in to their myOUC profile and clicking on the OUC Power Pass button

    or by calling 407-423-9018.


Making Payments is Easy

Pay Online, By Phone or In Person:

How Does it Work?

Buying electricity in advance is very similar to buying gas for your car:

  • You pay for your gas in advance at the gas station

  • The amount of gas you use depends on how often, how fast, and how far you drive

  • Your fuel gauge tracks your usage (full, empty, or somewhere in between)

  • Your fuel light alerts you when your gas tank is running low

  • An empty gas tank stops your car

  • Adding more gas re-starts or keeps your car running

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