Smart Water Monitoring Device Rebate Form


  1. Must be one of the following approved devices: Flo by Moen™ Smart Water Shutoff, Kohler H2Wise, Kohler H2Wise+, Leak Defense System (must include valve)Phyn Plus, Phyn Smart Water Assistant, StreamLabs Control, or StreamLabs Smart Home Water Monitor.  OUC does not endorse specific products, nor is responsible for the performance of the device.  Displayed consumption may not match billed consumption and will not be accepted for billing purposes.  Device must be installed beyond the water meter and backflow prevention device.  Important notice for homes with automatic residential fire sprinklers - improperly installing a smart water monitoring device could hinder the operation of fire sprinklers.  Consult a licensed plumber for guidance.  Rebate amount is 100% of the cost of the device up to $100.00, and excludes tax and shipping.  Previously-owned devices are not eligible for a rebate.
  2. Leak Defense System (must include valve)
  3. Documentation to be emailed to
  4. Required documents for self-installation (Must be submitted within six months of purchase)
    • Provide a receipt for the device purchase.
      • Brand, model number, and/or SKU must be included.
    • Provide a picture of the installed device.
  5. Required documents for professional-installation (Must be submitted within six months of installation)
    • Receipt for the device purchase, and/or an itemized contractor invoice for the device and/or installation costs.
      • Brand, model number, and/or SKU must be included.
    • If the device is purchased by the customer and then installed by a professional, the receipt for the device and the invoice for the installation must be submitted.
    • Provide a picture of the installed device.

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