Metered Service CostsDigital Electric Meters

The Power to Manage Your Utility Costs

At their core, electric meters measure the energy provided to your home or business.  However, the advanced, digital electric meter technologies used by OUC provide customers with additional benefits including:

  • An easy-to-read monitor
  • Online access to detailed information about your daily energy use by logging into your online account at myOUC
  • Consumption alerts
  • Prepaid metering options

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) electric meters, sometimes called digital or smart meters, enable OUC to read meters remotely and in many cases, remotely perform swift reconnection of electric service after a move-in or payment.  These capabilities drive down costs while ensuring accurate and timely billing for the customer.  The AMI electric meters that OUC utilizes communicate over a low power ‘mesh network’ that meets all Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines and safety standards.

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