Portable Water Meter

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OUC provides portable water meter rentals for construction and other temporary situations in the OUC service area where normal service is not reasonable.

The portable meter measures the amount of water used, which is then billed to the customer on a monthly basis. Portable meters on hydrants are equipped with reduced pressure backflow prevention devices that are to remain installed at all times. These are required to protect the water system from contamination. If the portable meter will be mounted on a truck, the backflow prevention assembly will not be provided, since the trucks are required to have an approved air gap installed and inspected by OUC within 15 days of pick up.

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Portable Meter Rates & Fees
Refundable Security Deposit $2,000 per meter
Non-refundable Service Initiation Charge
$90 per meter
Service Charge $105.79
All Consumption $2.10/Kgal
Failure to Report a Monthly Reading $140 per monthly occurrence
Tampering/Damage $130 minimum per occurrence
Failure to Submit Meter for Yearly Inspection $140 per occurrence

Read OUC's Portable Water Meter Terms & Conditions prior to requesting meter

Monthly Portable Meter Reading

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide a reading for the portable water meter. The meter should be read between the 20th and 25th of each month. Failure to report monthly meter readings will result in a non-refundable penalty of $140 per occurrence.

Submit Monthly Portable Meter Reading

Monthly Portable Meter Reading

The window for portable water meter reading submissions is currently closed. 

If you missed the submission window, our system will estimate your monthly usage and assess a non-refundable penalty of $140 to your account. 

The estimation will be trued-up when you enter your actual readings next month.  Be sure to enter your reading between the 20th and 25th of each month.