OUCooling District Energy Services
Thanks to OUCooling, building owners are enjoying lower A/C-related electric charges and reducing their capital and operational costs, too. This innovative, reliable service enables commercial property owners to outsource the production of chilled water for their air-conditioning needs. Chilled water systems are approximately 25 percent more energy efficient than traditional air conditioning systems.

What is OUCooling?
OUCooling, also known as Chilled Water Services, consists of the production and distribution of chilled water between 39ºF and 42ºF for air conditioning applications. The chilled water is generated at centralized energy plants and delivered through an underground piping system to a wide variety of subscribed customers, including residential, commercial, institutional and industrial facilities.  Services are offered to prospective customers as an alternative to other air conditioning options they may be considering.  Typically, OUCooling services require a contractual commitment of twenty years. 

Benefits of OUCooling
  • Smaller mechanical rooms
  • No insurance requirements
  • Federal income tax savings
  • Improved property resale value
  • Reduced customer initial-build capital investment
    • OUC provides design, construction and ownership of chilled water central energy plant
  • Reliable operation and maintenance service
    • On-site experienced plant operators
    • Remote monitoring with 24/7 response
    • Overall lower customer operational risk
  • Reduced environmental impacts
    • Efficient use of electrical power
    • Water conservation

How OUCooling Works
All buildings are air-conditioned by chilled water coils. Warm air blown over these coils, cooling the air as it passes through. With OUCooling, all the equipment used to cool the water (cooling tower, pump and chiller equipment) is housed in one central facility. At the facility, water is cooled to 39ºF and piped to participating buildings to cool them. The water is then recycled to its central facility to be cooled again before repeating the cycle. Currently, OUC operates two chilled water plants that serve Parramore and downtown Orlando partners. Underground “loops” run from each facility to buildings partnered with OUCooling.

Our Customers
OUCooling brings the economy and security of district cooling to more and more customers. Below is a partial list of Orlando-area companies already enjoying the benefits of OUCooling:

  • 100 East Pine St.
  • Lincoln Tower
  • 201 East Pine St.
  • Lockheed Martin
  • City View Apartments
  • Mall at Millenia
  • CNL Center
  • Orange County Convention Center
  • Embassy Suites Downtown
  • Orlando City Hall
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • OUC's Administration Building
  • Florida A&M College of Law
  • Sheraton Vistana Villages
  • Hughes Square
  • Westin Grand Bohemian Hotel

 OUCooling map

For Residential Customers
OUCooling replaces the traditional outside air conditioning unit for residential customers. Each residential customer still has an air handler on the inside of their unit, which is not an OUC piece of equipment, it is owned by the building. Next to the air handler, likely inside the same closet, there is an OUC meter that measures the amount of chilled water used to cool the home. If the resident turns off their thermostat and notices the meter continuing to move, then there is possibly a defective valve inside the pipe which is supposed to close when the air conditioner is not in use. Contact OUC and we will work closely with building management to ensure the problem is repaired.

Looking Towards the Future
Established in 1997, OUCooling's first project was building a chilled water plant for Lockheed Martin in south Orange County. The following year, OUC constructed a "district cooling" plant in downtown Orlando to serve the growing and diverse commercial market there. OUC expects to build other chiller plants serving commercial campuses, such as timeshare developments, hotels, and retail shopping centers.

For More Information
For information on OUCooling District Cooling Services, businesses should contact Erick Rocher, Director of Chilled Water Services, at 407-434-2647 or erocher@ouc.com.