Water Services FAQ

Water Services FAQ

How safe and healthy is my OUC water?

OUC delivers excellent water to the tap — water that meets or exceeds all federal and state regulations for drinking water. In fact, OUC water is better than it has to be, naturally. It comes from one of the purest, most protected and pristine sources in the world. Then we treat this high-quality water with extraordinary care so that it stays that way.


What is the source of OUC water?

OUC water comes from the lower depths of the Floridan Aquifer, a quarter of a mile below the earth’s surface. This deep water supply is protected from contaminants, pollutants, and bacteria that might affect surface water supplies. This pristine water requires little treatment.


How is the water processed?

Through our five-year Water Project 2000 initiative, OUC has shifted to an advanced ozone treatment process that produces great-tasting tap water. By treating our water with ozone, a strong and safe disinfectant, OUC reduces the use of chlorine in its water system and removes hydrogen sulfide, a naturally occurring compound that can create an unpleasant taste and odor. We also add fluoride to prevent tooth decay and treat the water to control corrosion.


How can we be sure OUC water is safe?

Annually, we conduct approximately 12,000 water quality test on a periodic basis throughout the system. The number of tests that are done is three times more than required. The results consistently demonstrate that the water delivered to you meets or exceeds all federal and state regulations.


Do I need a home water treatment device?

OUC neither recommends nor discourages buying any specific point-of-use treatment device. We encourage you to investigate the claims made, and to check actual performance of a home treatment device before and after installing the unit. Such a decision is a matter of personal preference, especially regarding the taste or softness of water.


Is there copper or lead in OUC water?

The natural copper or lead content of the water OUC delivers to you is well within federal and state safe drinking water standards. However, there may be instances that OUC customers have higher than normal levels of copper of lead in their drinking water because of prolonged exposure of the water to the plumbing or fixtures in their homes or businesses.


Can the risk of exposure to copper or lead be reduced?

Yes. We now treat the water to reduce its natural corrosiveness to help prevent copper of lead from leaching into water from customers’ plumbing. In addition, you can help by:

  • Letting your cold water faucet run about 30 seconds if it has not been used for an hour or longer. This will rinse away any temporary buildup of copper, lead or other minerals that may occur in your plumbing fixtures. (Use that water for plants or washing dishes.)
  • Using cold water from your tap (never hot) for cooking, drinking, or making ice.

 Let us answer your questions personally

We invite you to contact us if you have other questions and welcome the opportunity to meet with you. If you have any concerns about water at your property, our qualified Water Quality Technicians will be happy to schedule an appointment with you. Just call 407-423-9018, between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.