Conduct & Ethics

Responsibility to Customers

Each Contractor on the network will pursue the customer's legitimate needs and will not place his/her own needs above those of the customer in the performance of work for that customer.

Each Contractor will recommend and install the right equipment, which is sized correctly and will operate safely for the customer, with full disclosure of all risks associated with the use of the equipment.

Each Contractor will communicate with customers about their experience, equipment performance, operating and maintenance costs, and equipment quality in a forthright, non-deceptive manner.

Each Contractor is committed to follow-up communication with each customer to ensure customer satisfaction.

Each Contractor will provide prompt, courteous, and reliable service while attempting to perform services at the customer's convenience, including the initial phone call, setting appointment times, and follow-up visits.

Each Contractor agrees that if disputes arise, they will make every attempt to correct the problem. If disputes cannot be resolved, the contractor agrees to follow a prescribed procedure for dispute resolution.

Each Contractor will work to improve his or her respective industry by:

  • Supporting continuous training and skill building for self and staff.
  • Keeping up with changes and advances in technology.
  • Reporting all non-licensed and non-permitted work.
  • Participating in related trade and industry associations.

Each contractor in the network will respect the community within which they do business by obeying all civil laws and respecting the rights of others.

Each contractor will act in an environmentally friendly manner, working to protect both the internal environment of each customer and the surrounding community.

Each contractor will comply with all health and safety standards.

Each contractor in the network will conduct business with the highest degree of professional behavior bringing credit to his or her trade and industry.

Each contractor will be mindful of the trust placed in them by their customer and will respect that trust by:

  • Providing customers with a clear, written estimate of the cost of service before work begins and before accepting any payments.
  • Keeping all customer data confidential.
  • Conducting business in the appropriate dress and uniform.
  • Conducting business with the appropriate equipment and tools.

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