Storm Center

Phases of the storm
What is OUC Doing During Stage 4? 

OUC crews are working as quickly and safely as possible to restore power and identify individual ETRs throughout the community.

What should you be doing?
Stay Connected Stay Connected

Stay connected to OUC’s social media on Twitter, Facebook and OUC’s Newsroom

Enroll in Outage Alerts Enroll in Outage Alerts

Keep informed of electric outages and water problems in your area. Register by texting REG to 69682 (myOUC) or log in to myOUC.
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Update Contact Info Update Contact Info

Please log in to your myOUC account and verify that your contact information, including phone number and email address, are correct so that we can get information to you quickly.

Are You Experiencing an Outage or Problem?
Report an Outage Report an Outage

Three easy ways to your outage:

  • Via Text: Text OUT to 69682 (myOUC)
  • Online: Log In to myOUC
  • Via Phone: Use our 24-hour outage reporting line by calling 407-423-9018.
Visit OUC's Outage Map

Check for outages in your area on our Outage Map.

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In addition to reporting your outage, be sure to:

Storm events can cause damage that will prevent your power from being restored even though OUC has made all the necessary repairs to circuits in your area. Be sure to:

Flooding Be Safe Around Flooding

Address any storm-related flooding before assessing electrical issues.

Circuit Breakder Check Circuit Breakers

Check all circuit breakers to determine if any switches have been tripped.

Weatherhead Check Weatherhead

Check your weatherhead and meter base for damage. If repairs are needed, please have them done by a licensed electrician and inspected by the City or County. Once OUC receives an inspection clearance, service restoration will be scheduled. Learn more here about your responsibility and about this type of damage.

Impacts to OUC Power Pass
  • Disconnects have been suspended during the storm and storm recovery.
  • You can still make payments on your account at any time.
  • During the storm and recovery:
    • OUC will not update your account balance with usage.
    • Be sure to continue adding funds to your account to cover any usage during the storm.
  • After storm recovery:
    • Account balances will be updated for any power used during the storm.
    • You will not be billed for any time you were without power.
    • Be sure to maintain a positive balance to avoid service interruption.