How OUC Restores Power

If a hurricane causes large-scale power outages, OUC immediately launches an established restoration response plan. OUC will:

  • First, evaluate the damage to our electric system then start repairing our major infrastructure: power station, transmission lines and substations.
  • Begin restoring power to critical facilities such as water treatment plants, hospitals, police and fire stations, and other emergency locations.
  • Make repairs to main distribution lines that will restore power to the largest number of customers in the quickest manner possible.
  • Finally, repair damage that often affects only a few individual customers at each location.

OUC typical restoration process follows this sequence:

  1. Power Station generates electricity that is sent to substation through transmission lines.
  2. Transmission Lines supply electricity to large numbers of customers and to large geographic areas. These lines deliver electricity from the power station to the substations.
  3. Substation equipment adjusts the transmission line voltage to lower levels that are appropriate for our main distribution lines.
  4. Main Distribution lines, also known as primary lines, deliver electricity to large subdivisions and commercial areas.
  5. Local Distribution lines, installed either overhead or underground, deliver electricity to smaller neighborhoods and businesses. These secondary lines are also known as “tap” lines.
  6. Service Lines deliver electricity to your individual home or business either overhead or underground.