ATTENTION: All OUC offices, including our Customer Service Centers, are closed Monday, January 20 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We’ll return to normal business hours on Tuesday, January 21. Disconnects for non-payment have been suspended during this time for both traditional and OUC Power Pass customers. You can still make payments, report outages and use other self-service features by logging-in to your myOUC online profile or by using our 24-hour outage reporting line at 407-423-9018 in Orlando and Orange County or 407-957-7373 in St. Cloud and Osceola County.
Water Meters

Water Meters

How to Read Your OUC Water Meter

  1. First locate your meter and open the cover.

  2. If the meter inside is covered by silt, sand or surface water, uncover and open the small metal lid on top of the meter.

  3. Clean off meter glass so you can see dial clearly.

  4. After recording your reading, make sure all water is turned off both inside and outside the house.

  5. Look very carefully at the red pointer to see if it is moving. If the pointer is moving, you may have a leak.

Sample OUC Water Costs (Based on in-city water rates)

Your water meter on April 1: 103,100
Your water meter on May 1: 108,100
Your usage for the month: 5,000 Gallons
Water Charge for the first 3,000 Gallons: 3,000 x  0.659¢ per Gallon $1.98
Water Charge for the next 4,000 Gallons: 2,000 x  1.120¢ per Gallon $2.24
Total Usage for the Month: $4.22

Monitor Your Usage And Save

By learning to read your OUC meters, you can take control of how much energy and water your household uses each month. Simply by taking periodic readings, you can see when your personal “peak” usage may be and what appliances or applications may use more electricity or water than you think.

Reading Your Meters

Depending on where you live, you may have a different style of meter.  Units with digital displays make taking a reading simple — just copy the number as it reads on the meter.  If your meter has dials, see inside for instructions on how to take an accurate reading.

Keep a Daily Scorecard

Read your meters at the same time each day, preferably once a week. Keep track of the KWH or gallons used and compare it your previous readings to determine how it fluctuates depending on how your household uses water or appliances

To Calculate Your Electric and Water Costs

To determine your electric or water costs over a day, week or month, take two readings over a period of time and use the formulas below. Click here to find your current OUC water and electric rates.  

Please note that your rates will differ depending on how much energy or water you used (also known as “tiered rates”), who your utility provider is for each service, and where in Central Florida you live.

For additional questions about reading your meter, call OUC Customer Service at 407-423-9018.