Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider if I want to ‘opt out’ of having a digital electric meter?

If after understanding all of the benefits and regulations surrounding digital electric meters you still feel that it’s not right for you, please consider the following requirements for opting out:

  • Payment of a one-time, non-refundable opt-out enrollment fee is required
  • A monthly manual meter reading fee will be assessed on the monthly billing statement
  • Opt-out requests can only be processed for the meter(s) associated with the account holder’s location (i.e. customer may not request an opt-out for a neighbor’s meter not on their own account)
  • Opt-Out requests will be processed so long as:
    • a non-standard analog electric meter is available for installation,
    • the technology is supported by OUC and
    • the requesting customer has not been found by OUC to have engaged in meter tampering or theft

Authorized persons on the respective OUC account may contact Customer Service at 407-423-9018 or email

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