Stanton Energy Center Solar Panels

Fuel Diversity

From coal and natural gas to solar energy and landfill gas, the Stanton Energy Center (SEC) continues to lead the way as the most diverse generation site in the state. This is a winning combination for customers and the Central Florida community — providing affordable rates and a reliable, clean and  well-diversified power supply.

Fuel Diversity Pays Off

Fuel diversity and operational flexibility have always played a major role in OUC’s generation capacity planning strategies. Fuel markets and the regulatory environment continue to be uncertain and, at times, volatile. Building sufficient flexibility in the generation capacity portfolio is critical to adapting to changing conditions and mitigating the impact to customers.

The charts below show how OUC has been able to make use of this flexibility during dramatic changes in the fuel markets. In 2008, the price of natural gas reached historic highs and generating with coal provided the best economics by far. Low natural gas prices in 2012 required the opposite strategy. Taking advantage of this flexibility, 66 percent of retail customer load was served with coal generation in 2008, while nearly 60 percent of retail customer load was served with natural gas generation in 2012.