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We have lived up to our name by providing the most reliable electric service in Florida and finishing well ahead of the state’s investor-owned utilities in key performance areas that measure overall electric distribution reliability. What does that mean for you? It means you can rely on us to provide reliable and affordable electric and water service to you in an environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to:

OneAvoiding interruptions to your service
TwoRestoring your service promptly if an outage should occur
ThreeKeeping you informed
FourContinually improving our systems so you always receive the most reliable service

What Makes OUC The Reliable One?

To ensure that we maintain our title as Florida's #1 Most Reliable Utilities Company, we are continually improving our systems, offer tree trimming services, and making sure our customers are prepared in the face of Florida's turbulent weather seasons.

Improving Our Systems

Improving Our Systems

We strive to not only maintain our reliable service but to improve it to better serve your needs. Learn more.

Tree Trimming Services

Tree Trimming Services

Our Tree Trimming services ensure that power lines are clear of any potentially threatening vegetation in case of storms. Learn more.

Storm Center


In order to further improve outage prevention, we help customers build their Storm Action Plan. Learn more.

Our dedicated employees work hard every day to deliver the most reliable and safe electric service for our customers, so we can live up to our name as The Reliable One. Our employees take great pride in our name and these numbers speak volumes about how seriously we believe in Reliability.

- Ken Ksionek, former OUC General Manager and CEO