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At OUC, we are committed to protecting Orlando’s environment and believes teaching young people at any age to respect the value of energy and water will help them grow into environmentally conscious adults in the years to come. Learn about our community programs to educate children about water conservation and find tools to help teach kids about energy generation.

Water Color Project
Teaching Water Conservation Through Art

wc_calendar_2022Orange County public school students are helping OUC—The Reliable One get the word out about the importance of saving water. Since 2006, OUC has sponsored the Water Color Project, an education outreach effort designed to encourage water conservation through art.

Each year OUC has hosted a special reception at the Orlando Repertory Theatre to honor the winners and participants. At the reception, representatives from OUC honor the middle and high school students who decorated rainwater barrels and the elementary students who submitted drawings for the Water Color Project calendar.

Water Color Project Calendar Artwork

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OUC Takes Conservation, Alternative Sources to School

project_awesome_2023This school year more than 10,000 fifth grade students in Central Florida will get the opportunity design and create a green roof for an apartment building and a fair ride that is run solely on solar power as part of an electric and water conservation and alternative sources educational program.

OUC has partnered with the Orlando Science Center to deliver an interactive curriculum to Orange and Osceola county public school classrooms within OUC’s service territory. The curriculum which meets Common Core Standards, has been taught in nearly 4,000 classes since 2009 – reaching more than 100,000 students.

The program includes two 90-minute classroom workshops for students as well as hands-on labs and pre- and post-classroom activities.

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