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Fire Protection Rates

Fire Protection Rates

Effective January 2007

Private fire protection will be billed at a monthly rate based on the size of the service. Each tap off of a distribution main owned by OUC, on either private or public land, will be billed as an individual fire service. This includes fire hydrants located on private property.

Customer Charge
(includes no consumption)

Less than 2" 9.70 11.15
2" 9.70 11.15
3" 9.70 11.15
4" 9.87 11.35
6" 20.96 24.10
8" 40.08 46.09
10" 68.84 79.17
12" 108.71 125.02
16" 227.09 261.15
20" 405.16 465.93

Minimum Bill:
Customer Charge

For all water customers dwelling inside the city limits of Orlando, as well as those outside the city limits but within OUC's Orange County service area.

The City of Orlando applies a tax to the monthly water charges for customers within the city limits, Orange County applies a Public Service Tax to monthly water charges for customers outside the city limits of Orlando, and within the unincorporated parts of Orange County.

* Dual Range Meters include larger meters for measuring high-volume water flows and smaller meters for measuring standard flows through a single line.