OUC can give you specific tips on conserving electricity and water and offer details on the following OUC customer rebate programs (single-family homes only):

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Energy Rebates

  • Efficiency Delivered from The Reliable One
    Efficiency Delivered provides up to $2,000 of energy and water efficiency upgrades in your home based on your needs. A conservation specialist from OUC will determine which home improvements could save you the most money and then with your approval will arrange for a licensed contractor to do the work. You receive professional installation from a trusted source and save instantly with contributions from OUC. You only pay for your share of the cost for the selected improvements. If you qualify, you may spread payments over an interest-free period of up to 12 months on your utility bill.

  • Window Film or Solar Screen
    Installing solar window film on pre-existing homes can help reflect the heat during hot summer days. Your cooling unit will become more efficient. Incentive Requirements: 1. Only east-, west- and south-facing windows qualify. 2. Shading Coefficient (SC) of film or screen must be 0.5 or less. 3. Energy Star qualified double pane windows do not qualify for this rebate.

  • High Performance Windows
    Energy-efficient windows can help minimize your heating, cooling, and lighting costs. They provide comfort and they also protect your valuables from harmful sun rays. Incentive Requirements: 1. Windows must be ENERGY STAR® rated (see

  • Cool / Reflective Roof
    A cool/reflective roof reflects the sun's rays to help lower roof surface temperature and increase roof life. It helps lower your energy bill during the summer by preventing heat absorption. To qualify, the cool roof product must be certified and approved by the ENERGY STAR® Roof Products program and have an initial Solar Reflectance greater than or equal to 0.70 (see

  • Block Wall Insulation
    Air leakage and improperly installed insulation can waste 20 percent or more of the energy you pay to heat and cool your home. To qualify, outside walls must be all block construction and the initial insulation R-Value must be increased by a minimum of R-10.

  • Ceiling Insulation Upgrade
    The attic is the easiest place to add insulation; it can help lower your energy costs and keep you comfortable through the seasons. To qualify, final insulation level must be R-30 or higher.

  • Floor Insulation Upgrade
    Properly insulating the crawl space under your floor, you can save on energy costs and increase your home's comfort. Final R-Value must be at least R-11 to qualify.

  • Heat Pump
    Older central air conditioner units can be very costly to operate and maintain. New units are more efficient and use less energy while lowering your electric bill. Annual energy savings for a 15 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) or greater unit could be up to 30 percent when compared to a 12 SEER unit. This rebate is applicable to residential improvements projects. New Heat Pump system must be rated 14 SEER or higher.

  • Duct Repair/Replacement
    Duct leaks make heating and cooling systems work longer and harder to maintain comfort in a home. Properly sealed ducts will lower your energy bill and improve the efficiency and performance of your central heating and cooling systems.  This rebate is applicable to residential improvement projects. To qualify, you must have an existing central air conditioning system and must be 5.5 tons or less and ducts must be sealed with mastic and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved duct tape.

  • A/C Proper Sizing w/ R-30 Attic Insulation
    If your air conditioner is the wrong size, then it is wasting energy and costing you money each month. Oversize air conditioners use unnecessary energy and too small air conditioners need to work overtime to keep your home comfortable. Ask a licensed contractor to perform a Manual J calculation to determine what is optimal for your home. You may find that installing R30 attic insulation, or another efficiency measure, can help you save on a smaller A/C unit and lower your energy costs. To qualify for the $85 rebate, you must qualify for this rebate and any one of the following rebates: Heat Pump, Block Wall Insulation, Ceiling Insulation Upgrade, Floor Insulation Upgrade, or Duct Repair / Replacement.

  • Energy Star Washing Machine
    The average American family washes almost 300 loads of laundry each year. Families can cut their related energy and water costs just by purchasing an Energy Star-rated clothes washer.

  • Energy Star Heat Pump Water Heater
    Utilizing super-efficient technology, an Energy Star Heat Pump Water Heater that can cut water heating costs by more than half.

  • New Home Rebate Program
    This new program, which was launched in Lake Nona's new Laureate Park, rewards new homebuyers for making energy-smart choices, such as installing Energy Star clothes washing machines or heat pump water heaters, during construction. Depending on the type, size and quantity of the measures selected, the resulting rebate could mean a homebuyer might not have to pay a utility bill the first few months in their new home.

Water Rebates

  • Florida Friendly Landscape and Irrigation
    With a little bit of planning, homeowners can turn their landscaping projects into water-saving ventures. This program is designed to reduce irrigation water usage through the installation of low volume irrigation systems and Florida Friendly plants.  Incentive Requirements: 1. Applies only to existing homes, not new construction. 2. Permanent irrigation system improvements must be made in conjunction with new landscaping. Irrigation rebates can be approved without the installation of Florida Friendly plants. 3. Available to Orlando customers with 50 percent or more of their irrigated area served by high-volume irrigation components (spray heads and rotors). 4. Only Florida Friendly, low-maintenance plants qualify. 5. Before and after pictures and/or design plans along with receipts from purchases must be submitted.

  • For additional details on low-volume irrigation system installation, visit St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD).

  • For a qualifying list of Florida Friendly plants, visit Florida Friendly Landscaping.  

  • Florida Water Star Certification
    Florida Water Star is a voluntary, points-based certification program that recognizes and encourages water use efficiency in single or multi-family homes. To qualify, the single family or multi-family home must meet all requirements as specified by the St. Johns River or South Florida Water management district. For additional details, please visit SJRWMD.
  • Ultra Low Flow Toilet
    Toilets by far are the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly 30 percent of an average home's indoor water consumption. Older, inefficient toilets also happen to be a major source of wasted water. To qualify, replace existing toilets that have a flow greater than 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) with a retrofitted toilet that uses 1.6 gpf or less. Not applicable for new construction.

  • Water Cistern
    Using a cistern to store and reuse rainwater reduces or eliminates storm water runoff from the site. It conserves water and reduces your monthly irrigation water bill. Rain barrels and traditional in-ground cisterns qualify for this rebate.

OUC Residential Rebates Form

Disclaimers: All rebate claims must be submitted within 12 months of the date of installation. Residential rebates are not applicable to new construction.

OUC Residential Energy Rebates Form [PDF] 
  • Window Film or Solar Screen - $1/sq. ft.
  • Energy Star Windows - $2/sq.ft.
  • Cool / Reflective Roof - $0.14/sq.ft.
  • Block Wall Insulation - $0.66/sq.ft
  • Ceiling Insulation Upgrade - $0.05/sq.ft. ($0.14/sq.ft. for existing insulation of R-11 or less - see form for details)
  • Floor Insulation Upgrade - $0.07/sq.ft.
  • Heat Pump – From $20-$1,275 
  • Duct Repair / Replacement - 100% of cost, up to $160
  • A/C Proper Sizing w/ R-30 Attic Insulation - $40 alone or $85 when processed with qualified rebate
  • Energy Star Washing Machine - $50
  • Energy Star Heat Pump Water Heater - 100% of cost, up to $650

OUC Residential Water Rebates Form [PDF]
  • Florida Friendly Landscape and Irrigation – 100% of cost, up to $200
  • Florida Water Star Certification – $300 for single family homes, $100 per unit for multi-family homes
  • Ultra Low Flow Toilet – $50
  • Water Cistern – $0.02 per gallon up to $200

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