Exclamation mark  ATTENTION: As Central Florida reopens, OUC is returning to regular business operations. Service disconnections for non-payment resumed July 13, 2020, and late fees were reinstated August 3, 2020. If you’re experiencing a financial hardship, we’re here to help with assistance programs.
Apply for Solar for Your Home

How to Apply For Your Home

Option 1:
Installing Solar With OUCollective Solar

  1. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with an esaSolar Energy advisor and receive a comprehensive solar suitability analysis.

  1. Review the analysis with a 3D system design and three competitive quotes for the property.

  1. Choose the best solar equipment and option for your home.

  1. esaSolar Energy takes care of the rest, from engineering and permitting to installation and grid interconnection. 

For more information, visit https://ouc-collective.com/

Option 2:
Installing Your Own Solar PV Panels

  1. Optional: Contact OUC’s Customer Service at 407-423-9018 to request an energy survey. OUC recommends an energy survey be conducted to ensure your home is operating efficiently prior to the installation of a solar system.

  1. Solicit quotes and select a contractor to install the solar system. OUC recommends getting at least three quotes. For assistance finding a solar contractor, consider visiting OUC Preferred Contractors. Use of an OUC Preferred Contractor is not required.

  1. Pull or have contractor pull required permits and install the solar system*.

  1. After permit inspection is complete, have your contractor submit a solar interconnection application through our online rebate portal.

    Required documentation includes:
    • Proof of permit approval (i.e. Certificate of Occupancy).
    • Proof of purchase of the solar system (must be itemized and signed by the customer).
    • An electrical one-line diagram.  If the PV system is certified by a professional engineer then the one-line diagram must be sealed and signed by a licensed professional engineer (click here to view an example of an acceptable one-line diagram).

    Contractors: As of 8/1/17, solar PV interconnection applications sent via email to green@ouc.com will not be accepted. For instructions to gain access to the online rebate application, click here.

  1. OUC reviews the application and exchanges the existing electric meter for a bi-directional meter.

  1. Start receiving net meter benefit.

*All PV system installation must comply with OUC's Interconnection Requirements.