OUConsumption Online

OUConsumption Online

Insight Into Your Energy Load

For commercial and industrial businesses, energy costs can account for a significant portion of total operating expenses. That's why managing your energy load should be a top priority.

With OUConsumption Online, businesses can check a variety of their load data – right from their desktop computers. This detailed information helps companies identify wasteful energy usage and potentially realize significant savings. Use OUConsumption Online to instantly access, aggregate and graph the specific data you desire.

How Does OUConsumption Online Save You Money?

Using your existing web browser, you can analyze your metered interval load data for multiple locations, compare energy usage among similar facilities, and measure the effectiveness of various energy efficiency efforts. What's more, you can download this energy usage data for further in-house analysis.

OUConsumption Online enables you to extract meaningful information from volumes of raw data instantly, over the Internet, in a secure, password-protected environment. Data is updated regularly, so you always see current, relevant information.

Users of OUConsumption Online can view data in tabular formats and download data for import into common applications such as Microsoft Excel.

OUConsumption Online Pricing

OUConsumption Online pricing is set at $45 per meter, per month. A one-time program set-up fee of $45 per meter is required. There is a minimum 12-month commitment to the program before it can be discontinued.

An OUC representative will gladly visit your site to determine which infrastructure additions are necessary, if any, for the specific services you want.

To request a demonstration, please fill out the form to receive a User Id and Password.

In addition to OUConsumption Online, OUC offers a number of other Commercial Energy Programs that can improve energy efficiency. They include:

  • OUCooling
  • Commercial Energy Surveys
  • Infrared Inspections
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Summary Billing
  • Rate Evaluation

For more information about how these programs can benefit your bottom line, please call us at 407-423-9018.