Stanton Solar Farm

OUC's Solar Projects

Nearly 6-MW Array Generating Clean, Green Power

The first solar farm in Orange County has been completed at OUC's Curtis H. Stanton Energy Center along Innovation Way. The 5.9-Megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) array in east Orange County can generate enough renewable energy to power more than 600 homes.

Duke Energy and Regenesis Power LLC are installing, operating and maintaining the system, and OUC plans to purchase power generated by the solar farm for the next 20 years.

“The solar farm not only increases OUC’s portfolio of clean generation, it also provides the opportunity to study the impact a large-scale solar array will have on our electric distribution system,” said OUC Board President Maylen Dominguez at a dedication ceremony at the site December 7, 2011.

The first solar farm in Orange County is located at OUC's Curtis H. Stanton Energy Center along Innovation Way.

The solar farm adds to an already diverse fleet of clean, reliable generation at OUC’s 3,280-acre Stanton Energy Center, which is home to natural gas, landfill gas and coal.

OUC customers who travel along Innovation Way can see more than 25,000 PV modules that are generating renewable energy.

The solar panels feature a patented single-axis tracking system that increases electricity output by up to 30 percent and can withstand hurricane-force winds in the stow position.

OUC sells some or all of its renewable energy to others or third parties.

Kenneth P. Ksionek Community Solar FarmKenneth P. Ksionek Community Solar Farm

The most recent addition to our solar family is a the Kenneth P. Ksionek Community Solar Farm at the Stanton Energy Center (SEC). This new array is unique in that it’s one of the first solar farms in the country that sits atop a closed byproduct landfill at a power plant—the new facility will more than double OUC’s solar capacity. The community solar farm gives OUC’s residential and business customers access to sustainable, maintenance-free solar energy without the hassles and costs associated with installing panels on their homes or businesses. Read more >

Stanton Solar Farm By The Numbers

  • 1st solar farm in Orange County and 1st OUC solar farm
  • 25,172 solar modules
  • 5.91 Megawatts – enough energy for 600 homes. The power is distributed differently each minute, based on the specific needs of the grid at any one moment.
  • 35 acres of solar panels
  • 600 tons of steel was used to support the modules
  • 40 mile per hour sustained wind gusts will prompt the panels to move into a horizontal, hurricane-proof position
  • 17 miles of electric wire connects the modules to the electric grid
  • 20 years projected life of the solar farm

Gardenia Community Solar FarmA First for Central Florida

In 2013, OUC developed Central Florida’s first community solar farm at our Gardenia facility. The 400 kW array produces an average of 540,000 kWh annually, which is enough energy to meet the power needs of about 40 homes and is the equivalent to avoiding 949,316 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. It also acts as covered parking for employees and visitors.

Gardenia Community Solar Farm Portal*
Check out the live status of the solar farm's power.

*The Gardenia Community Solar Farm is fully subscribed.

Floating Solar Array

floating_solarIn 2017, OUC found a new way to weave sustainability into its clean-energy portfolio by installing a floating solar array on a large pond next to the Gardenia Operations Facility. The array sends up to 31.5 kW of electricity back into the grid. Reflectivity of the pond water helps increase the capacity of the more than 100 panels. 

Solar Sculptures

OUC is providing sustainable products and services in our service territory. We are planting new solar trees at key sites that are fully functional solar structures that we are using to enrich and educate our customers on the unique benefits of solar power. OUC has also invested in solar on bus shelters, solar on utility poles and has been an area leader in installing utility-scale projects atop the Orange County Convention Center and at our Stanton Energy Center. Solar energy has also been used to offset some of the needs of one of the most advanced Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructures in the southeast.