Report a Streetlight Outage

Report a Streetlight Outage When the sun goes down in Central Florida, OUC–The Reliable One takes over with our thousands of streetlights shining bright across the community. Streetlights provide greater visibility and safety for motorists, pedestrians and law enforcement officials. OUC crews work diligently to repair or replace broken and burnt-out streetlights — even upgrading many of them to longer-lasting LED fixtures — but it’s often difficult to catch them all. 

Complete and submit the form below. We’ll verify that the light is maintained by OUC. If it is, we'll add it to our repair list. Thanks for helping us keep our community safe!

Streetlights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional poles found in most neighborhoods to decorative acorn-style fixtures you’ll find downtown. The pole number is typically found near the base of the pole on a metal tag.

Report a Streetlight Outage Form

We have partnered with law enforcement to encourage customers to report street light outages.
Click to watch a message from Orlando and St. Cloud Police Chiefs.
Orlando Police Chief John Mina St. Cloud Police Chief Pete Gauntlett

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Please provide your contact information if you would like to receive confirmation that your streetlight outage has been reported. You can submit the outage without providing your information.
Please enter phone number without dashes (5555555555).