Contractor PV Checklist

Contractor PV Checklist

OUC's Residential Solar PV Program participation recommends all residential solar PV systems be installed by an OUC Preferred Solar Contractor. To become a Solar Preferred Contractor, please contact or to learn more, visit the Preferred Contractor Network (PCN).

Solar Contractor Checklist for PV Systems and Supporting Documentation

  • Provide quote/proposal to the customer.

  • Assist customer in submitting the required paperwork to OUC’s Renewables Department. To see paperwork required, visit the “How to Apply for Your Home“ or "How to Apply for Your Business" sections of this site.

  • Pull required permits from designated jurisdiction.

  • Install the solar system.

  • Complete final permit inspection with designated jurisdiction.

  • Contact OUC’s Renewables Department confirming solar system has been installed, and provide permit number. OUC will verify final permit inspection online.

  • Attend OUC inspection. We recommend being present at the time of inspection if this is your first time installing a PV system in OUC’s Service Territory. It can help answer any questions we have on-site and expedite the inspection process for the customer. (Optional)

  • Download the inspection checklist

  • OUC completed and approved the solar system inspection and exchanged the existing electric meter for a bi-directional meter.

  • Customer starts receiving net meter benefit on the OUC bill.