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Water Resources Plan

Water Resources Plan

OUC Develops Integrated Water Resources Plan

OUC has developed an Integrated Water Resources Plan – a comprehensive, overarching approach to study conservation options, pursue alternative water supplies and evaluate partnerships with local governments. To protect Central Florida’s water resources over the long term, the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) issued Consumptive Use Permits (CUPs) to area water authorities, requiring them to meet 46 water conservation and management conditions, while limiting the amount of water drawn from the Floridan Aquifer, our most pristine and reliable source of fresh water. OUC was issued a 20-year CUP, which enables OUC to meet customer needs through 2023.

In 2008, OUC compiled an initial five-year CUP compliance report, detailing efforts to reduce water use, educate customers about conservation and explore new alternative water resources. OUC is vigilantly monitoring 25 sites and withdrawals from the aquifer to ensure that they do not impact wetlands, lakes and spring flows.

Protecting our vital water supply is everyone’s responsibility – so OUC is proactively encouraging conservation measures in a variety of ways.

Mobile Irrigation Labs

Consultants inspect commercial customers’ irrigation systems, make sure devices are working properly, adjust sprinklers, recommend improvements and make suggestions for Florida-friendly landscaping. Learn more about Commercial Rebates, Incentives and Credits for Water Projects.

Financial Incentives

We provide a number of financial incentives to conserve, including rebates for customers who use water cisterns for irrigation and whose homes are Florida Water Star SM certified, as well as vouchers for the purchase of low-flow toilets. Learn more about Residential Rebates, Incentives and Credits.

Water Audits and Tiered Rates

OUC conducts audits for commercial customers whose water usage or water bills are high. We also implemented a new conservation water rate for those who use more than 30,000 gallons of potable water per month. The new rates have had a major impact on usage, prompting OUC’s biggest water consumers to curtail consumption. Learn more about Commercial Usage and Audits.