Sustainability Around Town

We are planting new solar trees at key sites across our service area. The trees are fully functional solar structures that we are using to enrich and educate our customers on the unique benefits of solar power. OUC has recently been ranked as being one of the most solar-friendly utilities in the state for good reason. OUC is offering some new innovative programs that will increase the use of solar in a part of the country that is blessed with abundant sunshine.

In 2017, a solar aggregation turnkey solution will allow OUC customers to purchase solar systems through OUC at a below market price. OUC will use its economy of scale to provide solar for up to 100 homes in its initial phase. And, in early 2017 the second OUC solar farm will be built and a component of it will allow OUC customers to purchase solar capacity in a similar to model to the very successful Gardenia Community Solar Farm that went on-line in 2013.

OUC has also invested in solar on bus shelters, solar on utility poles and has been an area leader in installing utility-scale projects atop the Orange County Convention Center and at our Stanton Energy Center. Solar energy has also been used to offset some of the needs of one of the most advanced Electric Vehicle (EV) infrastructures in the southeast. OUC has helped install more than 150 EV charging stations.

OUC has also partnered with the City of Orlando and placed H2OUC hydration stations throughout the city at our parks, community centers and neighborhood centers.