OUC Green Team

OUC Green Team

With the philosophy that changing an organization’s culture requires both corporate and individual accountability, OUC has established the Green Team – a dedicated group of employee volunteers who are working to implement practical, sustainable operations in their respective work areas.

In addition to setting benchmarks and establishing metrics, the Green Team identifies ways to improve energy and water efficiency in OUC buildings, reduce waste, use product inventories more efficiently, lower emissions from operations, and create a healthier, happier environment for employees and customers.

With the Gold LEED-certified Reliable Plaza setting the standard, other OUC facilities have followed suit, implementing a number of environmental efforts, including:

  • Retrofitting and upgrading light bulbs and ballasts

  • Installing light sensors

  • Turning up thermostats

  • Cutting back on landscape and exterior building lighting

  • Purchasing Energy Star-rated appliances when replacements are needed

  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products

  • Upgrading HVAC systems

  • Installing rain sensors on irrigation systems

  • Cutting grass less frequently at water plants, substations and areas not highly visible to the public.

Going forward, OUC is planning a number of new green initiatives. In conjunction with the City of Orlando, we are moving toward Single Stream Recycling (all recyclables in one bin) and developing internal policies such as electronic document storage, online document review, double-sided printing and using recycled paper and office products.