Solar Battery Rebate Form


  1. Battery (100% of the cost, up to $2,000).
  2. Storage unit, must be paired with a Solar PV system.
  3. One rebate per address.
  4. One rebate per battery.
  5. Battery must be coupled with a solar photovoltaic (PV) system that is either interconnected to OUC’s electric grid, or have submitted an application for interconnection to OUC’s grid.
  6. Minimum size 8 kWh usable capacity
  7. 10 year defect warranty required
  8. Rebate will be in the amount of 100% of the price of the battery, not to exceed $2,000.
  9. OUC reserves the right to inspect the system prior to or after awarding rebate to ensure compliance with requirements.
  10. Documentation to be emailed to
  11. Provide the invoice/receipt for the purchase of the battery. Batteries must have been purchased within 6 months prior to applying for the rebate.  If the battery and solar PV system were installed concurrently, the battery price must be parsed out separately from the solar system.
  12. Provide a copy of the defect warranty, must be 10 years or greater.
  13. Provide a copy of the electrical circuit one-line diagram.

It is highly recommended to provide this to avoid processing delays.
Please enter 10-digit phone number without dashes (5555555555).
Please enter date in MM/DD/YYYY format
Minimum Size 8 kWh
Please enter in dollar and cents amount (ex. 1.00)
Please enter date in MM/DD/YYYY format