Building Energy and Water Efficiency Strategy

In December 2016, the City of Orlando passed the Orlando Building Energy and Water Efficiency Strategy Ordinance (BEWES) – Ordinance 2016-64. All large buildings are required to benchmark their energy and water usage, and report the results to the City using a free online tool. The results will allow each building’s performance to be compared to that of other buildings of similar type and usage. The building information for identified addresses should be submitted to the City by August 1, 2018, via the free online tool. For more information, please visit

Who is impacted by this ordinance?
BEWES calls on existing commercial, institutional and multi-family buildings larger than 50,000 square feet to track whole-building energy use and report to the City annually, making this information transparent to the real estate marketplace. Buildings less than 50,000 square feet do not need to take an action at this time. The City will notify building owners via mail if they need to comply in 2018. If you are not certain of your need to comply, please contact the City at 407-246-2534 or for assistance.

What action needs to be taken?
If you meet the BEWES guidelines and need the monthly energy and water consumption for your property(ies), including tenant consumption, you can contact OUC Commercial Services at Please include the service address(es) of the building(s) you are required to report. OUC will process your request with the intended goal of returning your consumption data via email within 5-7 business days.

energy_star_promo_markThe City will send a letter explaining how to report the data via the online tool. Covered buildings will track basic building information and whole-building energy usage by using ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager, a free online tool offered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool is simple to use, and utilizes building characteristics and energy consumption information to produce an energy consumption per square foot figure that is normalized for space-use and climate.

What if I hire a third-party to track my building’s consumption?
To grant a third-party access to your consumption data, please complete the Utility Account Information Data Release Form and submit to  

Are there other changes coming?
Starting August 2018, covered buildings will be required to share their benchmarking score with the City using the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool.

Starting May 2020, buildings that score under the national average (ENERGY STAR score below 50) are required to perform an energy audit OR choose to perform a retro-commissioning of their base building systems one time every five years. The free OUC utility audit is eligible for compliance.

Do I need to make investments in my building?
BEWES focuses on creating information that will enable better decision-making. For more information or Frequently Asked Questions about the BEWES, please visit the City of Orlando website.