Neighborhood with trees

Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe and Beautiful

OUC has a tradition of providing safe, reliable power while doing our best to keep Orlando the "City Beautiful." The beauty of trees adds to every street and neighborhood, but when branches and limbs grow too close to power lines, trouble grows right along with them. Directional pruning allows us to train the tree to grow away from the power lines by removing only the branches that come in contact with the wires. By selectively trimming the tree's branches, we can retain much of the tree's natural crown.

Safety First

Make sure to follow safety protocols when working around your trees.

  • Always keep ladders, tree-pruners and other equipment at least 10 feet from power lines.
  • Never attempt to trim a tree near power lines.
  • Never take it upon yourself to retrieve items tangled in power lines. Instead, call OUC for help.
  • Never touch a downed power line. If you see one, contact OUC immediately.
  • Do not climb trees that are anywhere near overhead power lines.

If you notice a tree interfering with power lines, please contact us immediately at 407-423-9018 in Orlando/Orange County or 407-957-7373 in St. Cloud/Osceola County.

Tree trimming tips