Kenneth P. Ksionek Community Solar Farm Dedication

Dec 08, 2017

ORLANDO - On Thursday, the morning of December 7, OUC – The Reliable One unveiled the newest member of its solar family, the Kenneth P. Ksionek Community Solar Farm at the Stanton Energy Center (SEC) in east Orange County. The farm honors Ken Ksionek, General Manager and CEO, who is retiring after 32 years with OUC, 14 of those at the helm.

“The dedication of this array with its 24 acres of state-of-the-art panels is just another example of Ken’s leadership and OUC’s commitment to sustainability and providing renewable energy for our community, while working to protect the environment,” said Gregory Lee, OUC board president.

Among the first in the nation to be built atop a byproduct landfill on land once designated for a future coal plant, the 13 megawatt facility will generate enough electricity to power 2,100 homes. Additionally, Ksionek announced future plans to construct floating solar arrays at SEC.

“There’s more reliable green solar coming our way,” noted Ksionek. “Early next year, we’re adding another 20 megawatts of floating solar on the ponds here at Stanton, which will double what we just put in today. We also anticipate growing our solar from 20 to 80 megawatts or more in the next month or so, hopefully while I’m still in office.”

Ksionek is set to retire in February 2018.