Customers Should Be Prepared to Weather the Storm

Oct 06, 2016

Hurricane Matthew will most likely impact our area by this evening with very strong winds. We anticipate sustained winds in excess of 80 miles per hour at times and strong winds could continue throughout very early Saturday.

OUC is prepared and ready to respond to Hurricane Matthew. We are bringing in hundreds of line techs and tree trimmers from as far as Texas and Missouri – we now have more than triple our normal resources.

We ask that OUC customers be sure that their correct phone number is on file with OUC, so they can stay informed about estimated service restoration schedules via calls from our automated phone system. Customers should report outages to 407-423-9018 and only need to call once, preferably from their registered phone number.

As we wait for the storm to move in, we ask that you move all debris and lawn furniture inside now. They can become projectiles and damage power lines.  Our crews will work until conditions deteriorate and sustained winds stay above 35 miles per hour.  So we will ask for patience because we must wait until it is safe to respond. That may be all day Friday and into early Saturday.

Once the storm passes we will assess the damage. We will restore power to critical customers first like hospitals, fire and police and then move to lines feeding the most customers starting at the substation.

Our website will always be updated with the latest information. You can view the outage map, but restoration times will not be added until after restoration begins. We expect those to be available 48 hours after the storm passes. I don’t anticipate other significant updates during the storm. Beginning Saturday, we will start providing media advisories several times per day.

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