OUC to Upgrade Entire Service Area to Digital Electric and Water Meters

Jan 03, 2013

New Technology Will Help Customers Better Manage Costs

ORLANDO – OUC—The Reliable One  recently announced that the utility will upgrade to digital electric and water meters for its entire service territory – serving nearly 228,000 customers.  Over the next 24 months, OUC will replace the analog devices (with the spinning dials), based on its regular meter-reading schedule. By the end of 2013, the switch for electric service will be complete, with about 150,000 easy to read digital meters installed. About 147,000 water meters will be connected within two years. The systemwide upgrade accelerates a program that has already been in place for several years and includes all of OUC’s more than 373,000 electric and water meters.

“These new projects and services will empower customers to take better control of their energy and water usage,” said Byron Knibbs, Vice President of Customer & Sustainable Services at OUC while noting that the new digital meters are the key to putting cutting-edge programs in the hands of the utility’s most important asset – its customers. “It lays the foundation for OUC to provide customers with a variety of benefits, including access to more detailed information about daily usage and new programs, such as pre-pay metering and consumption alerts.”

The new meters will help customers better manage their electric and water consumption and ultimately their utility costs by providing them with detailed consumption information.  Once the entire OUC system is upgraded, customers will be able to monitor their daily usage via a new website.

OUC expects to recoup much of its $58.9 million investment in the technology upgrade over time through reduced labor and operational costs. This project was included in OUC’s financial planning, and no electric rate changes are anticipated.

According to the Institute for Electric Efficiency, one third of all U.S. homes have digital meter technology. OUC selected Elster Energy Axis Solution to complete its advanced metering infrastructure system. OUC contractors Utility Partners of America (UPA) for the electric installation and Scope Services will be handling the transition to digital water meters.

OUC–The Reliable One

Established in 1923 by a special act of the Florida Legislature, OUC—The Reliable One is the second largest municipal utility in Florida. OUC provides electric and water services to nearly 228,000 customers in Orlando, St. Cloud and parts of unincorporated Orange and Osceola counties. Visit ouc.com to learn more about our commitment to reliability, affordability and sustainability.