Apply for Solar for Your Business

How to Apply for Your Business

How to Apply for OUC's Solar PV Incentive

  1. Optional: Contact OUC’s Customer Service at 407-423-9018 to request an energy survey. OUC recommends an energy survey be conducted to ensure your home is operating efficiently prior to the installation of a solar system

  1. Solicit quotes and select a contractor to install the solar system. OUC recommends getting at least three quotes. For assistance finding a solar contractor, consider vising for a list of OUC Preferred Contractors. Use of an OUC Preferred Contractor is not required..

  1. Pull or have contractor pull required permits and install the solar system.

  1. Submit required paperwork to OUC from your myOUC Online Profile at Required documentation includes:

    Contractors: As of 8/1/17, solar PV interconnection applications sent via email to will not be accepted.  For instructions to gain access to the online rebate application, click here.

  1. After permit inspection is complete, contact OUC’s Renewables Department confirming solar system has been installed.

  1. OUC’s Renewables Department schedules an inspection.

  1. OUC completes the solar system inspection and exchanges the existing electric meter for a bi-directional meter.

  1. Start receiving net meter benefit.