Your Water

Your Water

A naturally clean water source.

OUC’s water comes from the Lower Floridan Aquifer, an underground reservoir that in many places is a quarter of a mile below the earth’s surface. The aquifer is fed by rainwater that is filtered through hundreds of feet of rock, undergoing a natural cleansing process. After pumping water from the aquifer to our water plants, OUC carefully treats the water to ensure its safety and enhance its quality.

Using ozone to produce great tasting water.

OUC uses ozone treatment at its seven water treatment plants to produce high quality, great tasting tap water, proudly dubbed H2OUC.

Ozone is the strongest disinfectant available and reduces the amount of chlorine that must be added. The result is clean, fresh-tasting water with a sparkling appearance. In 1995, OUC began converting its water plants to ozone treatment and built three new ozone plants. As required by law, we add chlorine to our water to maintain the high quality as it flows through pipes to customer taps. Fluoride is added to promote healthy teeth. We also add sodium hydroxide to prevent copper and lead from leaching into the drinking water from customers’ own plumbing, the primary source of these elements in our area.

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  • Securing All Water Facilities

    All OUC water plants are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems that include intrusion-detection systems, alarms, cameras and security fences around the perimeter of the properties. Armed security guards and law enforcement officers regularly patrol the facilities. You can be assured that OUC remains vigilant in monitoring and protecting our water facilities. The safety of your water is our highest priority.

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