Water Quality Lab

Providing High-Quality Water

OUC — The Reliable One Takes Your Water Quality Very Seriously.

OUC draws its water from the pristine Lower Floridan Aquifer. We have used the same source since 1957 with a proven track record of producing water that meets the highest standards of purity.

We closely monitor and sample our water as it is pumped from a system of 31 deep wells. We treat it with ozone, the strongest disinfectant available, at all seven of our water-treatment plants. We then continue to test our water at multiple points along the way to your tap.

OUC does not use lead services or pipes like those employed in older cities, and we take corrosion-control measures to not only protect our more than 1,800 miles of water lines, but everything else our water touches on the way to our customers' faucets.

In addition to meeting all federal and state regulations, OUC has its own water-quality lab that conducts 20,000 tests per year to ensure the quality and safety of our drinking water. Our chemists test for more than 135 regulated and unregulated substances including lead and copper. If customers have concerns about their water quality, they can call our lab at 407-434-2549 to speak with a water-quality professional or e-mail WQLAB@ouc.com.

Additionally, OUC mails its annual Water Quality Report to all water customers. It contains detailed information about our drinking water and the steps we take to ensure its safety. These consumer-confidence reports outline what we test for, OUC levels, and allowable levels. There is even a section publishing the results of our lead and copper sampling at customer taps. Past issues of Water Quality Reports are available on our website.

At OUC, we take our name, The Reliable One, seriously, and we work hard to live up to our reputation every day. We proudly accept our responsibility to maintain the public trust, and we are committed to providing safe, high-quality, great-tasting water today and for generations to come.

We welcome our customers to take a few minutes to learn more about the steps we take to ensure their water is of excellent quality by clicking here.