The Faces Behind the Reliable One

Meet the employees of OUC

Our employees have always been the heart of OUC. Whether going above and beyond to get the job done right or coming up with an innovative way to do things more efficiently, reliably and safely, our employees are the reason why OUC is the Reliable One.

As your hometown utility for over 90 years, we're committed to the customers and communities we serve. After all, we live here too and believe in the power of helping our neighbors.

Meet Claston Sunanon, Director of Fuel & Power Marketing
"My goal is to use the right mix of energy sources to keep rates affordable and do what's right for the environment."
Learn more about Claston's role at OUC

Meet Missy Stephenson, Manager of Commercial Customer Service
"It's my business to help grow your business."
Learn more about Missy's role at OUC

Meet Jen Szaro, Manager of Renewable Energy
"Sustainability is our future, and I'm committed to placing it at the forefront of everything we do."
Learn more about Jen's role at OUC

Meet Jartiza Pluguez, Chemist, Water Quality Lab
"I play a major role in ensuring H2OUC surpasses all water quality standards."
Learn more about Jaritza's role at OUC

Meet Andrew Ulrey, Water Technician II
"Reliability means doing the job right the first time."
Learn more about Andrew's role at OUC

Meet Glenn Massari, Line Technician I
"At anytime, in any weather, you can rely on me."
Learn more about Glenn's role at OUC

Meet Maria Scott, Work Management Administrator
"I enjoy helping people resolve problems and be more efficient."
Learn more about Maria's role at OUC

Sheila Ramos

Meet Sheila Rivera, Conservation Coordinator
"I'm part of a team helping to bring electric vehicles & renewables to Central Florida."
Learn more about Sheila's role at OUC

Meet John Perrin, Water Engineer & Fabian Richards, Electric Engineer
"Electric & water engineers working together to expedite your project."
Learn more about John & Richard's roles at OUC

John Perrin
Fabian Richards
Gregg Sampson

Meet Gregg Sampson, Conservation Coordinator
"I'm willing to go anywhere to help a customer."
Learn more about Gregg's role at OUC

Luis Beltran

Meet Luis Beltran, Facilities Maintenance Technician
"Thanks to my training at OUC, I went from reading meters to servicing technology of the future."
Learn more about Luis' role at OUC

Meet Sheldon Oliver, Customer Service Representative
"Always ready to help you - online & over the phone."
Learn more about Sheldon's role at OUC

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